Five TV Shows I Would Save in a Fire

30 Oct

The only thing I like more than television is making lists about things.

Friends – This is by far my all time favorite show. I may or may not have cried during the last episode, when the camera zooms in on the six keys left. I may or may not be tearing up right now thinking about it. It does no wrong, and I own all ten seasons on DVD.

Batman: The Animated Series – Ah, from a time when children’s television shows were allowed to kick all kinds of ass. My love of this is a bit unfair, as I fell hard for Batman starting with the 1989 movie and have been worshiping ever since. However, this half-hour cartoon definitely brightened up my afternoons after school, and cemented my life of vigilante justice.

The Wonder Years – I’m a recent convert to this show, as every time my grandma would put it on during the original run, I would find an excuse to do anything else. The faded 60s look, the endless voice-over. I totally didn’t get it. But, hubs (always ahead of his time) was obsessed, and thrilled when it came onto Netflix. I’m head over heels for it. Nothing puts me back to my own teenage angst like Kevin Arnold’s journey (sometimes more so than my old diaries).

Grey’s Anatomy – I don’t care if you think it’s jumped the shark, I don’t care if it’s not plausible, I don’t care that they scare me away from real hospitals. I always need to know what those doctors are up to, and no matter how ridiculous I’ll always tune in.

Chopped – I love cooking competition shows, but Chopped takes the top. I love Ted Allen, the rotating judges keep it interesting, as does the never-ending parade of nutball competitors. Sure, some are serious chefs who make awesome food, but the majority are crazies who just happen to cook as well. Wonderful entertainment for me.


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