I’m probably going to end up with a horse one day

10 Nov

I have this problem with pets. I love them. I have trouble saying no to them (both in getting them, and also when they ask me for things)(shutup pets totally ask for things). We got our first dog, Kobe (more often known as Bunny), in March of 2007. We used to go to the animal shelter near our college and play with the dogs and cats. We’d often fall for them, but had only adopted one the prior Thanksgiving – he was for my parents, though. Totally doesn’t count.

Kobe was adorable. Impossible to leave behind. He was six months old,  and oh-so sweet. He’d play with you, but he’d also just want to sit next to you and get cuddles. He was 40 pounds at 6 months (he’s the large one on the right), so he was going to be a big guy. He’s 75 pounds now. We had to have him live with my parents from March-June, because we were both in apartments that didn’t allow dogs. We drove to my house to visit him every weekend. It never crossed our mind that we probably shouldn’t get a dog. We never took into account how difficult it would make apartment finding when we moved to Chicago – hence the impossibly tiny studio we all lived in for the first year. We just  knew we had to have him, and someone else having him would be physically painful for us.

In July of 2008, when we moved into a magical one bedroom, we were suddenly confronted with no pet limit. No pet weight limit. No pet rent. So, we immediately went out and got our second dog, Marty McFly (also known as Pants).

Kobe actually picked Marty. He was the third dog we met that day, he wasn’t even on the adoption floor yet but the behavioral specialist brought him out thinking he’d be a good match for Kobe. They loved playing with each other right away, and gave us few problems as far as fights for dominance – Marty pretty much accepted Kobe as leader right away. They’re hilarious to watch. However, with two large dogs (Marty is 50 pounds), we’d pretty much sunk ourselves. We could never live anywhere else.

So we decided we’d try to get a  third puppy, because we’re wackadoos. Someone at Husband’s store had an adorable girl puppy they were looking to adopt out. (I was totally going to put bows on her and name her Maggie and sing Rod Stewart songs to her.) The boys did not meet her nicely, though, so instead we got three hamsters. Vampire Bill, Biff Tannen, and Agent Michael Scarn. I guess three hamsters equals one fluffy puppy. Also, you can see how we watch too much TV with those names, no? We had to separate out Vampire Bill when the other two gained up on him, so we had to have two cages.

Husband recently brought home a sick hamster. They don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he’s quite red and scaly and has very little fur. We’ve named him Murray Goldblatt. The store was going to put him down, because no one would adopt him how he was. He also has his own cage because we don’t want the others to beat him up because of his weakened state. He still plays, eats, runs in his wheel. He just looks sad while doing it all. I actually think some of his fur might be growing back since he’s moved in with us. I could very easily be deluding myself though, because I just very much want him to be better.

So, in our miniscule one bedroom apartment, we have two large dogs and four hamsters in a total of three cages. I think we’ve topped out, space-wise, though Husband keeps talking about different cats at his store that love him. Which is frightening. The one he’s texting me pictures of right now is tiny, fluffy, orange and white and wearing a pink collar.

I’ve always wanted to get a cat and name it Kit-Kat.

And then I could have my own Homeward Bound.

Lord help us if we ever do move to a larger place. Does anyone actually know the rules on keeping a horse?


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