Everyone should have a new wedding every year

14 Nov

This weekend was my three-month wedding anniversary. I know! That’s nothing! We dated for six years before we even had the wedding. Frankly, I’m little upset about that, because I never realized how awesome weddings are. Most people get overwhelmed by wedding planning (and I’m not saying I was some sort of zen angel, here) but I really enjoyed it.

I tried to incorporate as much do-it-myself and crafty projects that I could so we could stretch our budget and make the whole thing seem as much “ours” as possible. I made our invitations and our programs. I made wrap labels for mailing our save the dates, invitations, and RSVPs. I sewed our table runners and hand-embroidered the table numbers onto them. I made clutch purses and tote bags as gifts for my bridesmaids. We arranged our own flowers, made our own bouquets. I made an altar/backdrop. I made “Mr” and “Mrs” signs for our chairs. I hand stamped our little wedding logo on 200 cocktail napkins. I even glued blue rhinestones on the soles of my shoes for my “something blue.”

The whole point of this is, I went out of my way to have a lot of my free time taken up with wedding projects. People warned me that there was a post-wedding depression. I figured people meant oh, woe is me, I won’t be the center of attention. So I assumed it wouldn’t apply to me – to be honest, being the center of attention was my least favorite part of my wedding. Except I feel like I have no purpose anymore. I used to be able to fill every minute I wanted to with some sort of craft, project, budget, spreadsheet. There was always a call to make, email to send. I very much enjoy being busy. I do not do well with down time. Down time allows my mind to wander, which is not good when you’re an obsessive, imaginative, pessimistic disaster.

I need a new project. I can see now why peopleĀ  have babies right after getting married. They’re bored. Babies are the ultimate project. However, I am not ready for any sort of project I have to push out my vagina. Let’s call that a “Gold-Level” project. Buying a house would be a “Silver-Level” project. We’re not there yet either. I’m in the market for more of an “6th Place Ribbon” or “Honorable Mention” project. Some sort of hobby that keeps me from coming home after work and finding some sort of excuse to nap.

Because I’m definitely doing that way too much recently.


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