16 Nov

The first thing Husband said to me when he came home last night was “I have bad news.”  I am of course a worrier, so I could already feel my stomach dropping into my feet while he took an unnecessarily long and painful pause before telling me he lost his wedding ring. He was very sad, very apologetic. I assured that of course, I was not mad. We could easily replace it, no worries, let’s instead focus on instructing you on better strategies for delivering varying degrees of bad news as to avoid future heart attacks.

I haven’t decided if I’m actually upset about it or not. When we were deciding on a band for him, we decided to get a very inexpensive tungsten ring. I told him quite honestly that I thought he was likely to lose it. He agreed that this would definitely not be out of character. I can’t count how many times “This is why we/I can’t have nice things” has been pulled out in reference to him. (Mostly jokingly.)

If I lost either of my rings, I would be devastated. Because they’re my wedding rings, sure, but also they are quite literally the most expensive things I own. I think I would be more upset my that part. It offends my cheapness to lose something with such a high monetary worth. Truth be told, I don’t wear them all the time, and he doesn’t (didn’t) wear his all the time. We’re not any less married because we don’t happen to be wearing rings, I am aware of this. So, since his ring cost less than a dinner out, I feel I can’t be too grumpy about it.We pretty much knew this was going to happen and planned accordingly.

I am a little miffed it happened so quickly. Three months? I’m pretty sure we have some bread in the back of the fridge we’ve held onto for longer than that. I feel like this likely sets some sort of record. Also, if I am upset about it I could probably finagle a dynamite Christmas present out of the whole ordeal. That sounds sort of tiring though. So probably we’ll just pick up another one, likely to be the first of many replacements. Perhaps I can find somewhere selling them in bulk and nab some sort of deal.


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