Piss-poor vigilante justice

21 Nov

Bus seats and elevator standing procedures are really just the beginning when it comes to the little things that irk me on a daily basis. I know, I wish for a bit more sanity as well but I think it’s past the point  where I can acquire more.

I don’t know if this is a city thing, or just something I notice more since my main mode of transportation here is my two legs. However, at the top of my List of Annoyances is people who seem to expand and contract to take up all of the sidewalk. Sometimes, it’s a group of people, sometimes it’s one person which is even more mind-boggling. If it’s one person, they sort of veer in and out, giving the appearance of being slightly tipsy but always, always getting in your way. If it’s a group of two or more, their deal is they think the should always be able to walk right next to each other, your presence be dammed.

Here’s the thing, though. You can’t. You just can’t. If you are walking two or more at a time, and someone is coming your way, the polite – nay, required – thing to do is to have a person or two fall back. Make a single-file line. Once we pass, you are allowed to resume your fascination with taking up all of the sidewalk. However, I should not be required to walk on the grass/trip over one of the million ubiquitous small iron fences/climb a fucking wall just so you don’t have to stop your conversation for 15 seconds.

So I don’t anymore. I put myself on the edge of the sidewalk, as far is comfortable. I square my shoulders and I keep walking. Unfortunately, sometimes I speed up and lean a smidge into it. I’ve shoulder-checked more people than I think I can count at this point. Most people keep going. Some apologize. Some get mad, so as I walk away I flip them off. I’m probably going to get shanked or shot one day. It’s a horrible way to cope with a slightly inconvenient situation. I should know better – I do know better – but I can’t stop. I feel like these people should be aware of the fact their wrong, should know how inconsiderate they are.

Is rudely running into them really the way to show them how they’re inconsiderate? Fighting fire with fire? I think not. Sane me knows I need to cut this nonsense out. I’m embarrassed just talking about it. I just can’t promise that I’m not going to be doing it again.


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