At least I don’t have to make dinner as well

23 Nov

One of the things I’ve become obsessed with as of late is cooking and baking. I’ve always been sort of weird with baking. In high school and college I was the person who wanted to bake a cake at 2 AM on a whim. One of the first nights hanging out with Husband, we made chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen in the basement of the dorm we lived in. Likely this is why we’re married now.

Over the past few years, I’ve strayed from box mixes and refrigerated dough in favor of making it from scratch. It started when all I wanted in the world was some baklava. I would ask people who liked baking, I would beg and plead. Everyone told me it as too difficult and time consuming, no one wanted to make it for me. So I took matters into my own hands and was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t find it all that difficult. Yes, it took forever to play around with seemingly hundreds of sheets of delicate phyllo dough, but the end result was delicious. Spicy, nutty, soaked with honey. I felt like I’d really accomplished something.

From there, and following the World’s Best Christmas Present Ever, my KitchenAid, I’ve become obsessed with baking anything and everything. I make cookies or cupcakes at least once a week, forcing them on friends and coworkers who are likely carrying an extra five pounds just from knowing me. Cakes, puddings, candies. I spend hours pouring over the archives of food sites and blogs for my next adventure. I’ve killed hours on Google’s recipe search, where I can include or remove ingredients and get a suggested list of recipes. It’s not all baking, but it’s definitely easier to pass along cookies than savory food. People would be less enthusiastic if I showed up to work with a spinach quiche.

Tomorrow, we’re having Thanksgiving with my best friend, her husband, and their 1 year old. I had my eye on a pumpkin cheesecake recipe for about two months in a quest to find every possible thing I could cram pumpkin into. So I locked in to making that early, and promised everyone pumpkin deliciousness for Thanksgiving. Then I promptly became obsessed with an apple tart and the idea of using my fluted tart pan, still brand new and wrapped after two years. I was stuck between the two, wanting to make good on my promise for pumpkin but having a nearly compulsive need to use this tart pan. So I’m making both. Why do I think I need two full sized desserts for about 4.5 people? I know I don’t. But I’m going to make them anyway.

I have some concerns. These recent forays into baking are not without peril. The last time I made a cheesecake was the first time I had ever made one. I managed to set off the apartment smoke alarms and the two in the hallway. At three in the morning. It was entirely my fault. I should have known my half-sized, ancient apartment oven would not be able to manage the first ten minutes at 500 degrees, as I have to open the windows when making a frozen pizza. Thick plumes of smoke literally poured out of the vents on the back of the oven. I really thought I’d be calling the fire department, or at least have to explain myself to various angry neighbors. Further, I’ve never made a pie or tart dough. I usually opt for the store bought, out of fear of the pie dough horror stories, the mystique that it’s something that only your grandma knows how to do properly. I’m hoping it’s similar to the baklava situation, where everyone makes it out to be worse than it is. Perhaps that’s why I’m opting for two desserts, in case one fails.

Wish me luck!


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