Seriously? Seriously.

28 Nov

Yesterday morning (noon is still morning, yes?), I woke up to a rainy day. I got the dogs ready for their morning(ish) walk, stepped outside and went to put my rain boots on. Except I couldn’t, because one of the dog’s heads was buried deep in the boot. I shooed him away only to find a half-eaten steak burrito stuffed into my boot. Awesome. At least I didn’t put my foot in first?

I really feel like I’m still living in the dorms sometimes. The guy across the hall? Is just randomly in the hallway at times. Sometimes he sits by the elevator on his computer. I’m nearly sure he’s swiping wifi, but sometimes I think he’s maybe just lonely. He is quite quick to strike up conversations. Unfortunately it’s usually at 11 PM when we’re coming or going for the dogs last out for the night. Which I usually do in my pajamas. And I’m not such a conversationalist in my pajamas. Especially my rubber duckie print pants. I find they quite efficiently sap me of all credibility.

The two men sharing a studio down the hall always leave their door open. Whenever I walk by I see them, usually playing video games. It’s awkward because I always end up making eye contact. I’m not trying to look into the apartment, but it’s open and it’s a surprise, so I look and then feel awkward.

One time after the Pride Parade, Husband found a naked man passed out by the elevators. I’ve similarly found a randomly passed out man, luckily he was clothed. I actually thought he was dead when I hit him with the stairwell door and nothing happened, but upon closer inspection he was breathing. Thank goodness for that. People often seem to hang out in the hallway, inexplicably right by my door, at all hours of the night. Which sends the dogs into a tizzy that I don’t feel right yelling at them about. I mean, it’s their job to tell me when there’s people right outside the door.

As far as neighbors go, this isn’t horrible. I know it could be epically worse. Due to the neighborhood and the cheap rents in my building, it’s to be expected it would draw a younger base, which contributes to the dormitory feeling. It just really puts a kink in my “I’m an Adult Now” charade when I have to knock beer cans off the steps when I leave for work in the morning.


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