What I do with my time

1 Dec

I just spent the past two days making this:

I kind of smushed together the tutorials from Home Stories A to Z and the flower tutorial from my heart is yours. And now that I looked up the link for the flower tutorial, I’m super mad at myself that I forgot to make some scalloped ones. The question is, am I crazy enough that I need to redo some of them? Here’s hoping I can keep sanity and just leave it be. Though now I’m looking at it more, and I feel like one of the sprigs of pearls is wonky. Yikes. I need to get out of here.

I don’t really remember when I became obsessed with them, or where I first saw the yawn wreaths, but I became increasingly focused on making one until I was compelled to make the trek to Michael’s after work yesterday. It was surprisingly cheap – I spent about $21, but I also impulse bought a glue gun that was by the register. It was just about the cutest, tiniest glue gun ever. The process was also a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. (I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t time consuming, wrapping the green yarn took a few hours.) In fact, it was so deceptively easy I’m now googling all different kinds of handmade ornaments and what not for when we put up our tree. People – no one comes over here. I’m not having any parties. I have zero need to decorate anything.

I also baked cinnamon buns from scratch, recipe from smitten kitchen, because I’m the best 1950s housewife ever. Though mine were most definitely not to adorably announce any babies. They were to immediately eat and regret. Though now I possibly look like I should be announcing babies.

I really think I need to be pinned down before I go and make a pound cake.

It’s been forever since I’ve had pound cake.


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