Easiest Handmade Christmas Cards

5 Dec

Okay, the cats out of the bag.

I really like crafting. As if it wasn’t obvious from the list of things I said I made for my wedding. I decided to make Christmas cards. These will be sent out with yet another ridiculous undertaking that I’m not going to mention because I still reserve the right to back out and do something less crazy. They’re really the simplest, possibly cheapest cards ever.

50 Pack of cards/envelopes: 5.99 (On sale- originally 9.99)
Pack of small Christmas-themed scrapbook paper: 5.99 (On sale- originally 9.99)
Gluestick Duo: 2.39
Ribbon: 1.00 (Red and green, Joann’s has economy ribbon for .50 a spool)
Stick on pearls: 1.00
Total: 16.37 on sale, 24.37 regular price
Per card: .32 on sale, .48 regular price (This is for 50, using the full pack. I only made 20, because I don’t know 50 people who need cards. This makes my price .81 a card. Still worth it)

Though you should never, ever take a trip to Michael’s or Joann’s without a 40% off coupon- they basically have them all the time!

The good thing about these cards (besides the easy, and the cheap) is how much variance you can get. All you need is a recognizable shape and multiple patterns of scrapbook paper. I can’t even write instructions for these, because that’s pretty much it. Cut shape. Paste on card.

So if you have family who usually end up seeing each others cards, you can make them all slightly different. Then everyone gets to feel like a special snowflake. I think the trees are my favorite.

Now that all my cards are made, I have to go obsess over that thing I’m not talking about but probably doing but reserve the right to call off at any time.


2 Responses to “Easiest Handmade Christmas Cards”

  1. squirrel circus December 6, 2011 at 7:27 am #

    These are FANTASTIC! — and, although I believe that in “concept” they are easy, your execution was WAY beyond anything I aspire to. Beautiful!

    • Cally December 6, 2011 at 7:38 am #

      Thanks!! I hope the people receiving them like them as much. I have worries they’ll all think I’ve lost it. 🙂

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