The Great Cookie Caper

12 Dec

Sometime in October (because I am the kind of person who would begin to think about this in October) I decided it would be a super good idea to make everyone cookies for Christmas presents. I thought it would be pretty cost-effective, we could cover a lot of people for a minimal monetary cost. Also, I could have an excuse to spend an entire weekend making dozens and dozens of cookies without seeming like too much of a crazy person.

So I did what I always do when I have a project idea. I made an overly complicated and mostly indecipherable spreadsheet. This is really four mini-spread sheets in one, a cookie list and cookie ingredients, an incidental costs list, an approximate total food costs list, and a recipient list.

(Because I can’t have you thinking I did something wrong here, I need to point out that when I made the broken-down price approximation chart, it was when I was doing 7 different cookies, and with none of the cookie batches increased [I’m making 1.5 batches of a few of the cookies] so the totals listed there do not reflect the finalized cookie choices listed above.)

I was really excited to do this, but also terrified that it wouldn’t work out. So I’ve been obsessing about it, making spreadsheets, reviewing recipe after recipe, trying to find the perfect blend of cookies that would appeal to the most people. Inexplicably expanding my list of recipients. Deciding I needed enough cookies to bring to work, to send to work with Husband.

But that’s over now! The cookies went out today! So now I just have to worry that everything arrived in one piece, that people like the cookies, and that I didn’t accidentally poison anyone. Which shouldn’t happen because I don’t remember adding any arsenic to my flour. Fingers crossed.


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