The great cookie caper, part 2

13 Dec

Part of the reason that made the cookie thing so ridiculously crazy is my kitchen. Specifically, my lack of a kitchen. People think I’m joking when I disclose exactly how small my kitchenette is. Please be warned. The following pictures are going to make you want to run and hug your full-size oven. If you have any small children around, you may want to avert their eyes.

Oh, what’s that, you’d like to see the other side? (Side note, how horrible does that wall color photograph? It’s not that hideous in real life, my camera phone just wants you to think I live in egg yolk-tinged squalor.)

I’m sorry, there is no other side. There is only living room.

Okay, okay. If I smush myself real far back into the corner and basically wear the fridge as a coat, you can see the corner, sort of. And my dirty oven. Which is actually clean but so old you could never tell. I think possibly a prior tenant cleaned it with voodoo and sharkskin and removed the protective coating.

Sometimes, I do this for more counter space:

If you’ve never balanced a cutting board on an overturned cookie sheet on top of a sink, you’ve never lived. You’ve also never come dangerously close to slicing off the tip of your finger because your ingenious makeshift counter is prone to slipping and sliding.

So I have to set up kitchenette 2.0, where I combine the folding table we eat dinner on with the shelf I pretend we eat dinner on. I saw that idea on Design on a Dime and implemented it immediately. I think we ate on it once. Mostly it holds all the random crap I want to drop the minute I step into the apartment.

So, now you have a little peek into the exact level of ridiculousness making over 300 cookies in my apartment is. Also, if anyone has any spare kitchen to send, I’d be ever so grateful. It’s tough to have to leave my kitchen to open the oven.


2 Responses to “The great cookie caper, part 2”

  1. Papa Nerd December 14, 2011 at 6:29 am #

    I thought my apartment was tiny. Makes me glad I don’t live in a huge city.

    • Cally December 14, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

      It has its ups and downs. Kitchen size will just never be an up. Unless I hit the mega millions.

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