Oh, my god, is she still talking about cookies?

14 Dec

Aka, The Great Cookie Caper, Part 3: The Cookie-ing. Or, Someone Needs A New Hobby

During my madness, I made five different cookies. I tried to cover all types of cookies and flavors to make the most people happy. The first was a Chocolate-Orange Biscotti recipe, which I can recommend quite highly. My only issue with these cookies is they’re dry, so the break quite easily and I think they’re probably out there, breaking and turning into crumbs and shipping horribly. But… they’re biscotti. That’s sort of how it works. So I didn’t think that one through. But they’ll be very yummy crumbs, nonetheless.

The biscotti would maybe be my new favorite cookie, if I hadn’t made smitten kitchen’s Espresso-Chocolate Shortbread. Holy hell, I could eat this cookie every day of my life. With every meal. For every meal. I want to make them again. Right now. Because yes, they’re all gone.

I don’t enjoy sugar cookies, but these are pretty good. As far as sugar cookies go. Sugar cookies are pretty much frosting dispensers, so I hope people aren’t too bummed by my plain, besugared ones. At least I bought red and green sugar. I was going to use the pink I had on hand. I still contend I should have.

Because of my obsession with love for smitten kitchen, I also used her gingerbread cookie recipe. Truth be told, if I hadn’t gone out of my way, all the cookies would be from smitten kitchen. I’ve never made anything from that website that I haven’t loved. My cookies… look sad compared to hers, but I only had light brown sugar, hence the pale color. Also I was afraid of how any sort of icing would pack, so they’re pretty plain. However, Husband claims to hate gingerbread but enjoyed these very much.

Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels. These cookies were… labor intensive. It’s important to note I didn’t really follow the recipe, more borrowed the concept. A good majority of the reviews on the site kept talking about dry, crumbly, sad cookies. As I was already spending way too much time on this, I didn’t think my fragile ego could handle a cookie fail. Also, it makes sense the cookie would be dry. The sugar cookie recipe on the site calls for one egg and a tablespoon of milk to three cups of flour. The other sugar cookie recipe I made called for four eggs to five cups of flour. It just makes the Food Network recipe seem destined to fail. So I just made the All Recipe’s sugar cookie, but split and added the flavorings. They taste like a peppermint mocha. They are also all gone.

So that’s it! I’m totally done talking about cookies (for now). I thought this would be sort of a bummer for me, but it’s actually really helped with getting me into the holiday spirit. I’m feeling downright jolly. I’ve even gotten myself involved in the decorating contest at work, which is both holiday and social. So I’m all out of sorts, but it’s been fun. Now I just need to keep chipper through actual Christmas, but I think it’s pretty likely at this point. I guess all it takes is over 300 cookies. Perhaps this is all some sort of sugar-induced haze.


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