I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan

4 Jan

I wonder if people in general don’t pay attention anymore, if I just know a bunch of jerks, or if I’ve taught people to ignore me. The first theory, people don’t pay as much attention anymore, makes sense. This is the information age, it’s overwhelming. You need to tune some things out to be able to absorb the things that are important. People multitask like it’s their job. Usually, it is their job. Currently, I have a word document open, three Firefox windows, the television is on, and just prior to this entry I was talking on the phone. I can’t even sit down to write my own words without becoming bored with myself and venturing into side projects. How can I blame other people for forgetting things, like the name of the company I work for or how many dogs I have?

The second theory, that I know a bunch of jerks, could also be factoring in. Though, I’d like to think if I had jerks parading around me I would have cut them loose long ago. I guess we’d all like to think that though, wouldn’t we? That we’d notice the slights, bristle at the insults, realize it’s wrong and move on. Find friends more engaged. I feel like I know nice people, though. Generally nice. No worse or better than the average person walking down the street.

It’s also pretty possible I taught people to ignore me. Too many people forgot too many details, stories, ideas. Too many people tuned out and thought about their groceries or upcoming television shows while I was talking. So I stopped telling the stories. I got rude and pretended to forget things about them, pretended not to be listening to them. Person is slighted, ignores me more. Commence spiraling.

I wonder if that’s why I feel the need to prattle on on the internet. I speak my peace, work things out, get if off my chest. I never have to know if people are paying rapt attention. No one is required to respond so I don’t know if they’re following my words or not, there’s no inappropriate non sequiturs. Send it out into the void and if people care, great. If they don’t, great. Either way it feels the same.


2 Responses to “I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan”

  1. squirrel circus January 5, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    Although I find the current state of affairs, in which you are being ignored, troubling, I would have to agree that “either way it feels the same.” I think you meant that as a good thing. I think it is. Even if no one is listening, I always feel better just putting it out there. Unless of course it’s Scott I’m trying to communicate with, in which case he gets a thump on the head and a snarky, “Hello!?”

    • Cally January 6, 2012 at 6:39 am #

      I think I mean it positively. I like that I can say whatever and not have to actively worry if people are paying attention or not. And there’s a fourth possibility, that I’m not really being ignored and I’m just a sensitive whiney pants.

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