Five rules to live by

8 Jan

1. You never, ever know the whole story. Always proceed with caution.

2. If you have to ask if it’s too short, it’s too short.

3. Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean children, as a whole, have changed. Yes, you did do that (cry on planes, throw fits for candy, hit someone). You’re not better than those children or those children’s parents. Chill.

4. Everyone needs a bad habit. Provided the people in your life haven’t chosen something like cocaine abuse or cat-murdering as theirs, you should leave it alone.

5. There’s no excuse compelling enough to justify talking on your cell phone in the bathroom. One or the other can always wait the five minutes.


One Response to “Five rules to live by”

  1. Nikki January 8, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    Love these! Thanks for sharing!

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