“Me” Time

19 Jan

I went to a sporting event recently. I was seated next to a very nice-looking girl. She was alone. I was struck by this. She was into the game, didn’t appear overly enthused or overly devastated. She had a few beers. I became obsessed with her back story. How did she end up here by herself? What prompted her to buy the ticket? What’s the thought process for going to a large event alone? Did she intend to come with someone who couldn’t make it? There wasn’t an empty seat next to her. Did she scalp the ticket in the parking lot? Is she the ultimate loner or the ultimate bad-ass? Perhaps this specific game is something she and her father used to go to together, and he passed away five years ago and she attends this game every year in his honor. I’m not exactly sure why I couldn’t just accept the fact she was there without inventing her a reason.

I know we’ve seen it dozens of times over. Our heroine, heartbroken from some swarthy banker-type, falls into bed with a leather-jacket clad motorcycle man. He again crushes her dreams, and her friends admonish her for needing a man. Tell her to focus on herself, really get to “know” Heroine Girl. They’re shocked when they learn she’s never even eaten a meal in a restaurant alone. She timidly takes on the challenge, probably something embarrassing happens, but she learns a lesson. Somehow this nonsense all leads her to self-actualization and the quirky-artist-dream-guy.

I’ve eaten exactly one real restaurant meal by myself. At a Chinese buffet, so I’m not even sure it counts. I’ve eaten a quick lunch by myself tons of times, but it seems like that’s never the path to enlightenment. It would never cross my mind to go to a sports game, or a concert, anything like that by myself. I’m not sure why. I don’t consider them social events – but they’re not exactly non-social events, either. Is going to movies, meals, sports by myself something I’m supposed to be doing? I feel I strike a good balance among alone-time and social-time, but am I supposed to be taking myself on date nights? Is it wrong that my me time takes place 100% exclusively on my couch, in my pajamas?

What a ridiculous thing to ponder, am I spending enough time alone in public. And yet here we are.


One Response to ““Me” Time”

  1. Nikki January 20, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    I saw a middle aged lady eating alone at a restaurant the other day and I wondered the same things. I have friends who do that often – eat alone, go to the movies alone, etc. but I’m just not really into that. It feels awkard. I do like to go shopping by myself though.

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