How I picture it.

31 Jan

I see bright blue skies. Ridiculously fluffy, happy clouds. I see endless stretches of the kind of days you long for in your Midwestern summers. Where the sun is high, the hours are endless and the world around you is so bright it nearly shimmers. Where the grass is green and soft and you can lose hours just laying in it contemplating nothing.

I see storms that are brief and intense and vengeful, and nearly a welcome from the never-ending pleasantness. A change in the routine. A chance to dance in the rain.

I see every day feeling like a mini-vacation. I see being able to walk on the beach at the drop of the hat, glance the ocean on a daily basis. I see a change of pace, a sense of adventure. A chance to do something different with only the choice of a living arrangement.

I see cold days being “toss me a sweater” days as opposed to “wrap up in my sleeping bag coat” days. I see a sludge and slush-free existence.

I see taking walks, going running, bike riding. Sitting on the patio, drinking lemonade, playing music inside the house so it just drifts out to you, barely able to make out the words. Dozing off in the evenings. The kind of outdoor existence the middle of January makes you weep for.

I don’t necessarily see the long-term, permanence. I don’t see the end to all the questions.  I do see now. I think I see everything I want right now, right in front of me. Easier to scoop up than it’s ever been before.

So why all the hesitation?


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