Luck be a lady tonight

15 Feb

Of course, it’s become obvious at this point that I did not run off to Vegas and become a millionaire. Or even a thousandaire. This is no surprise, but you know the kind of hopes I place on impossible things. With someone who has my kind of bad luck (bad enough to permeate your day-to-day life, but not bad enough that you can complain about it to people) I really should have known better than to take a vacation to an entire city based on luck and chance. On the plus side, it was very pretty and the food is dynamite.

The very first thing I tried to do on the casino floor was play an electronic roulette game. I wanted to do a table game, but honestly, I’m way too afraid of the other people playing who might take it too seriously and blame me for ruining their chances at fame. Which I would then internalize and probably  have to jump off the fake Eiffel Tower. So I thought electronic roulette was a nice compromise.

The machine, however, was a tiny bit confusing. Unlike the tables or the slot machines, the minimum bet was not posted. I hemmed and hawed for a minute. I figured it was definitely more than a penny or quarter, like the slot machines. I figured it had to be  less than the table games, of which the lowest minimum I’d seen was five dollars. I had a random dollar bill, so I decided the minimum was probably a dollar. I bet it all on black 26, my (former) lucky number.

The minimum bet was three dollars, so the machine cleared my bet for not meeting the minimum. So  of course black 26 comes up the winner. I began drinking after that. Thank goodness for spiked slushies.

On the plus side, I did get to pretend to meet my secret second husband, Jon Bon Jovi.

Oh Jon. Don’t be like that. I’ll come back and see you again soon. Perhaps you can teach me how to understand the electronic roulette machines.


2 Responses to “Luck be a lady tonight”

  1. Nikki February 16, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    You are so cute! I was hoping to see a pic of you soon! 🙂 Glad you had a good time in Vegas.
    I’ve never been but I’m dying to go.

    My only casino experience is hitting the jackpot on a 2 cent slot machine on a cruise. I paid 2 cents to play and made like $50 so not too shabby.

    • Cally February 16, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

      Aww thanks! You sound like you have good luck, so you should totally go to Vegas. It was actually insanely reasonably priced for a vacation- minus all the money I dumped into the slots.

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