Plusses and Minuses

22 Apr

Oh, my god, you guys. I’m one of those people. I’m sitting in a Starbucks updating my blog. I feel like everyone can see my furious typing and they know, they know what I’m doing and they’re judging me for it. Probably they’re also judging me for my lack of makeup, stringy hair, and five-year old t-shirt from my undergrad. I would judge me, too. On the plus side, I’ve snagged a table near a wall so no one can walk behind me and actually confirm that I’m obnoxiously, publicly blogging. On the minus side, this place is packed to the gills and I had to pretend I didn’t see an old lady walking towards this table that I ended up at. I’m not proud of that. She’s fine. It’s not like I  knocked her down.

We turned in our cable box and internet equipment on Friday. It’s been… horrible. About five times a day I’ve been sitting at the computer, attempting to go online, trying to repair my connection before I realize what an idiot I am. I thought I had been doing so well with my resolution to unplug a little, but clearly when push comes to shove I’m just a junkie who needs her fix. Hopefully we leave before I find myself in a back alley, trading sexual favors for the opportunity to shoot up some wifi.

On the plus side, I’ve watched about seven hundred episodes of this cute show on PBS called B Organic. I’m learning so much. On the negative, they’ve already begun replaying them, so all the episodes are already reruns for me. I blame Earth day.

On the plus side, I’m getting so much done. I’ve shampooed the carpet, I’m going through things, I’ve packed a ton. I’m going to head back now and tackle the kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, the apartment did not look this good once in the four years we’ve lived in it, which has given me a special sort of shame. Also, I implore you all to shampoo your carpets. Rent one from Home Depot, it’s super easy. You will be super shamed by what you find. I’m probably going to be spending next Saturday with another cleaner, if the apartment we get into has carpet. I can no longer trust carpet is okay.

On the plus side, we did find an apartment on Friday. It was a two bedroom, two bath, which sounds like a palace when you figure we’ve been living in a shoebox for the past four years. I actually almost wanted to turn it down, because it was way too big and it was slightly more than we wanted to spend, but it would have been available on the very day we came in. So no staying with relatives! On the negative, as you can probably tell from the fact I’m talking about the apartment in the past tense, we lost it on Saturday. Why is everyone doing this to me? There is a two bedroom, one bath which we’re unsure will be available on that Thursday, or a one bedroom, one bath that we’d have to wait until May 5th for.

FINGERS CROSSED, people. I cannot wait until May 5th. I love my family, but the brother we’ll have to stay with lives with his girlfriend and their dog. So four adults and three dogs in a one bedroom apartment. For ten days. Also, he’s 30 miles from my work and 50 from Husband’s. This would be… hell. Torture? I’d almost rather be water-boarded if it would guarantee me an apartment we can move right in to. So again, fingers crossed, well-wishes, rain dances, whatever I need to do to make this happen. If this works, you can totally have all my well wishes and good luck for the entire months of May and June.

It’s funny because I don’t have any good luck to speak of so this is a bum deal for you. So I understand if you don’t want to send me any luck, but maybe just don’t send me any ill will. I totally have enough of that.


2 Responses to “Plusses and Minuses”

  1. squirrel circus April 22, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    Moving can be SO stress-making it’s unreal. We’ve done the real estate simultaneous settlement thing a few times, and I hate it. You definitely need to keep looking a bit further ahead, to, say, mid-May, when you’ll be settled in somewhere. Still crossing my fingers for you that the dogs don’t puke on the way! 😉

    • Cally April 22, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

      Oh, its nearly a given that Kobe’s going to puke. At this point I just hope he pukes somewhere easy to pull over.

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