24 Apr

I can finally, honestly, no-joke say it.

I am excited as hell to move. Jumping up and down, losing sleep, squealing randomly excited. I love the idea of learning about a new place, adjusting to an entirely new climate and people and culture. I’m even excited about the drive, just because it’s something I’ve never done before. The longest I’ve driven prior to this has been the six hour trip between home and Chicago.

I know I get caught up in the details, the where and the why and the how. It does remove me a bit from the adventure of the whole thing, but it also makes me a fabulous planner and organizer. So the build-up, the questioning, the uncertainty was getting to me and clouding my judgement. Every once and a while I had to remind myself that really, this whole thing was my idea. Why was I bugging so much? Because, I have to. Because, it’s my job. Because if I don’t, no one will, and things won’t get done and I’ll have that uneasy feeling I always have when people are flying by the seat of their pants.

Because I spent the last few months freaking out and getting everything in order, I can now throw myself into the joy and fun of it all. So, I’m excited. Also all that internet good luck I am sure you all wished me must have worked, because unless a hurricane sweeps it away, we seem to have found an apartment!

I don’t know when I’ll have internet again, I have no idea how well my phone will work, so I’ll probably see you on the other side, Internet. Stay classy.


One Response to “Aieeeeeeeee”

  1. The Waiting April 25, 2012 at 12:58 am #

    I know you are just too relieved to finally get the show on the road. Good luck with everything and I know I will eagerly be anticipating your return to the intertron.

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