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Furbaby Friday

31 Aug

I miss Mrs. Monologues Furbaby Friday link-up. Even though it doesn’t exist I’m still going to post some dog pictures. And you’re going to like it, dammit.


Somebody wishes he could go to school! Or maybe just doggie day camp.


And someone else is jealous he doesn’t have a snazzy back pack. That same someone fails to remember the time I tried to put the back pack on him, only to have him fall over in complete and utter hopelessness the minute it was strapped on.

Happy Friday!


Fur Baby Friday!

8 Jun

The time, she just seems to go faster and faster. I can’t keep track. But Friday! I know what happens Friday!

For this weeks link-up, I’m going to share an annoying habit Husband and I have, and that’s making the same face as they dog we’re with in the picture.

Marty and I being… coy? sleepy? I don’t really know, but I know we’re both feeling it.

Husband and Kobe… judging you? Possibly also sleepy? Either way, they’re on the same page.

It happens often enough that I think the dogs are possibly planning these things out. Maybe practicing in the mirror while we’re gone.

Or maybe I’m just a crazy dog lady and they sleep all day. Yeah, that seems more legit.

Fur baby Friday!

1 Jun

I’m still without my camera and I don’t know what to do about it. The minute I by a replacement cord the old one will dance back into view.

I snapped these on out last visit home. Which sort of bums me out now, because I have no idea when my furbabies will be able to hang out with their friend, my dad’s dog Freddie.

I love this goofy mutt. He’s super spoiled, super lovey, and loves car rides and chomping on Kobe and Marty. They are an absolute riot when you get the three on them together. Even though he’s the oldest one, Fred has a ton of energy and mostly view back and forth between them in an endless loop of puppy playing.

I hope they get to play again soon, but since large dogs are frowned upon in airplanes, its likely it won’t happen for a while.

Come link up your furbabies!

Fur baby Friday!

18 May

I still haven’t found all the bits of my camera from the move, but I didn’t want to miss another Fur baby Friday.

So I apologize for the poor pictures. Both dogs have chosen their favorite spots in the new apartment. Kobe has, predictably, chosen he comfy new couch we clearly bought expressly for him.


Even better if you will loan him a leg for a pillow.

Marty has weirdly chosen the corner of one if the closets.


I don’t know what it is about this closet, this corner, but its his favorite place to be. I wish he’d chosen something more friendly, because every time I see him in there I feel like he’s punishing himself for something. But he likes it, so what are you going to do.

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Fur Baby Friday!

4 May

Oh, how I missed everyone’s delightful fur babies while I was away. All those cute faces really brighten up the end of the week. Though, it being Friday helps as well.

Speaking of the fur babies, mine did smashingly on the long car ride. I was super surprised. No vomiting, no excessive standing and falling over when I have to brake, just perfect gentlemen.

In fact, someone might have decided he’s actually sort of okay with this whole car thing.

Though I guess when you spend nearly 24 hours in a car, you either begin to like it or go crazy. Sort of a Stockholm Syndrome thing. Either way, I’m very proud of them for being such troopers.

And uh, that’s not my giraffe pillow pet right there. I’m just… holding it. For a friend.

Kobe’s Saturday

21 Apr

Oh man, you guys. My mom’s gone crazy. First, she woke up super early today. Today’s the day she usually tries to wake up, then I jump into bed and trick her into sleeping more. It’s kind of my thing. But no. She gets up early, and her and dad leave right away. Without even taking me and brother out. Can you believe that? I think there’s some puppy protection services I’m supposed to call for stuff like that. Then, she’s gone forever, because I can’t tell time, and she brings back this monster vacuum that smells like soap.
I hate vacuums.
And soap.
And car rides, but that has nothing to do with anything.
So I finally get to go out, so I scrap calling the feds on her. That and they’ve never gotten me the cell phone they keep promising me.
Then she goes crazy. Seriously crazy. She starts moving things around, vacuuming, vacuuming again, pulling off the little hose thing and vaccuuming again. She’s literally lost her mind. Usually I hide in the bedroom, but she keeps moving around so much I think the only safe spot would be the closet. And I don’t have thumbs, so I have no hope of opening that door. So I tough it out, and just when I think its over, she does it all over again with the stupid soapy vacuum.  And THEN I’m not allowed to walk anywhere, because the ground is all wet and soapy and gross. And she yells at me when I try to roll around and fix it and make it smell like me again. The nerve. She’s the one who messed it up. I call bullshit. Erm. Bullcrap. (She doesn’t like it when I swear. She says I’m too young, cause I’m going to be six. But I saw this thing on TV where it said dogs get seven years for every human one? So really, I’m like 42. So I’m older than her. And I think she’s too young to swear. Neener neener.)
Then bitch comes at ME with soap. I hate soap. I work really hard to smell this good, and soap just makes me smell like coconut. I don’t really know what a coconut is, but I do know my soap does not taste good so I have no idea why people think it’s food. And of course, I have to take a bath first because my brother is afraid of the bathtub and he always gets a pass and gets to go last. Like he’s special or something.  Newsflash, mom. I hate it too. Then she doesn’t even give me a cookie afterwards. I always get a cookie. She claims we’re out, by I know she’s lying and probably keeping them for herself.
This is literally the worst day of my life.


* * * * *

Oh, Kobe. I don’t have the heart to tell you that in three days time I’m going to stick you in a car for 23 hours of driving over two days. Please don’t throw up.

Fur Baby Friday!

20 Apr

We’ve turned in the cable and internet equipment. I fully expect to be crazy by the morning. So, all I have for Fur Baby Friday is some sad cell phone pictures. Also, I’m typing this out on my phone, on the bus, so if you see any typos please don’t submit me to Damn You Auto Correct. Unless it’s super funny. Apparently, I take a lot of cell phone pictures when they’re sleeping, or about to be.


Since they’re awfully cute sleeping, I guess that makes a lot of sense.


I think they Kobe is aware something is up. He’s moved before, he’s been extra clingy. I think Marty has no idea, and I feel badly about that. I wish there was some way to explain to them everything’s going to be fine in a way they’d understand. Perhaps puppets?

Come link up! I need lots of furbabies to swoon over to distract me from impending doom.